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Your life, YOUR music!


...and your DVDs, Home Movies, Audio Books, Podcasts, Photos, etc.  With Rip-It Good, you'll be enjoying YOUR collection NOT paying again to play what you already own.  (Oh, BTW you do know they're tracking your activity, marketing your listening and buying habits and charging you for it, right?) 

Feel the excitement again!

Weather it's CD's or

Get back in touch with the music of YOUR lifetime!  Reconnect with who you were and enjoy.  You can access YOUR collection from anywhere, any platform, Even from your phone, Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire-stick, Apple TV, Google Chrome cast but to name a few.  

What are you waiting for? Go for it We'll do the rest.


As a  life long music fan and  concert goer, (and database analyst in the legal space) I bring an expert's level of attention, detail and care to every collection I build.  Music, Movies, TV Shows, Home Movies, Photos, Pod casts, Audio books...


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Call for a discussion about what you want/need and maybe set up a time for a demo of the media server capabilities and what your collection will look like.

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